Slow Feeding - Benefits for Animals:

  • Better for digestion as it slows down amount animals can consume PER MINUTE but is FREE CHOICE and prevents bloat and colic.

  • Simulates grazing helping to release endorphins from chewing, which keeps hind gut bacterial flora happy and healthy.

  • Obese horses will eat less but still have access to food all day.

  • Alleviates the boredom and STRESS that lead to ulcers, colic in horses, bloat in ruminants AND stops wood chewing, manure eating, etc.

  • No more bullying in the herd at feeding time = calmer animals and happier herds!

  • Slow feeding regulates insulin levels for horses with metabolic syndrome.

  • Helps prevent choke in horses.

farm animals eating from handy hay nets

The quality of these hay nets has gotten better and better. I have 12 of them. Its really handy to have all of them filled and then feedings are a snap, just clip the bag and done. If I need to go away for a weekend, I will hang several bags in different locations around the pen for amusement, and the horses are fed until I get home! Love these nets and Marie is pretty awesome too! Love to support local.
— Leah Edgar ~ Nelson BC

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Slow Feeding - Benefits for Humans:

  • No more wasted hay.

  • Save up to 50% in hay costs!

  • No more rushing home to feed, or getting up at the crack of dawn because animals are hungry and calling!

  • Your horse is ready to be ridden at any time, saving precious time before a show/event.

  • Pre-load your Handy Hay Nets so feeding time is quick and easy.

  • No more pushy/aggressive animals at feeding time.

  • Need to soak your hay to reduce sugar content? No problem, just fill and submerge.



Why Handy Hay Nets?

  • They are affordable and hand made in Canada.

  • Our seams are hand *sewn, which makes them more flexible and longer lasting *compared to machine sewn seams.

  • They are easy to load and tie.

  • Our tie string comes in many colours, so each animal can have their own, (handy for barns or boarding facilities).

  • Our netting is made of strong soft nylon, which is very gentle on muzzles.

  • There are no knots on our bags for animals to grab or chew.

Pazzaz with her Handy Hay Net.

Pazzaz with her Handy Hay Net.



Getting Started - Filling your Handy Hay Nets

Slow Feeding for Horses

Slow Feeding for Horses

Slow Feeding for Other Farm Animals

Slow Feeding for Other Farm Animals